Guthrie Ghost Walk

Rome wasn't built in a day...
But Guthrie was! Imagine driving by an open prairie on your way to work one morning, and finding a bustling town of 10,000 people in the same spot on your way home that evening. That is the reality of the birth of Guthrie. At noon on April 22, 1889 a cannon sounded and the settlers were off and running. By sundown Guthrie had banks, churches, a complete mercantile system and a post office. Over 10,000 people populated an area where only days before there was only a small train depot. Guthrie soon became the Queen of the Prairie, a bustling Victorian city in the midst of the wild west, and played host to people of all walks of life. The early years saw outlaws, lawmen, activists and celebrity. Aspiring actors, aging madams, cutthroat business men and crafty politicians all left their mark on the young town, and apparently the town left its mark on them. Many of the stories from the downtown area feature these lost souls and their continued attachment to the town that was the backdrop for their vibrant lives.

Our tour visits 5 to 6 of our many sites in the historic downtown area that have had consistently reported sightings and paranormal activity. Extensive research has uncovered the back story to many of these haunts. This tour is not a "jump out and scare you" kind of tour, and there are no planned surprises; we prefer to share the history behind the mystery and let the stories speak for themselves.